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Beware of the GOD

Got a mail today from Deborah Kelly who did cloud projections with a large scale projector and the slogan “Beware of the GOD” back in 2006. She redid these projections at the Singapore Biennale 2008.


Back then the New York Times wrote: ”

SINGAPORE — Like the giant Batman sign projected into the night skies of Gotham City, the text “Beware of the God” suddenly appeared in the Singaporean sky mid-September. The 30-minute projection, repeated over several nights, was the work of Deborah Kelly, part of the opening week of the Singapore Biennale 2008.

While the Australian artist said the work had a serious subtext, warning of the confluences of religion and politics, she added that it also aimed to “entirely disarm the audience so you don’t go ‘Oh more art’; you go, ‘What is that? It’s a miracle!

For more information and pictures go here.

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Making Digital Content on the Mobile Phone Physically Graspable


Fabian Hemmert [fabianhemmert.com] tries to solve the question “How to Make Digital Content Graspable?” in a quite original way. In his short TEDx talk, and the according movie which you can watch below, you can check out his innovative inventions to depict and interface with data on a mobile phone through three different ways.

The weight-shifting method allows a phone to communicate to users where to walk by dynamically changing its gravitational center along two axes. The shape-changing method is able to convey where more information is located outside of the screen by changing the thickness of a phone at its corners. And lastly, the ‘living‘ method allows a mobile phone to display emotional states due to a continuous heartbeat and breathing-like motion that can be felt ambiently in your trouser pocket.

See also Physical Weight of Data, DataMorphose and ce.real.

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Huge Interactive Signpost Shows the Direction to Favorite Locations


This gigantic, interactive signpost sponsored by Nokia Ovi Maps in the form of a dynamically rotating electronic LED screen allows passers-by to send in their favorite location and coordinates via text or email. The giant pointer, hung on a 60ton construction on height of 50m, then automatically rotates to the given direction and displays the submitted description to the world.

Watch the documentary video below.

See also the Nokia Blog [1,2] and FarFar. Via Engadget.

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Google readying speech translator phone

According to TechRadar, Google is preparing new smartphone translator software that it say will be able to hear speech and translate it instantly.

“The software would take the information learned from the company’s text translation software, and voice recognition, a feature Google is putting in many smartphones.

It would obviously be basic at first, analysing small segments of speech before translation, but Google believes it would soon be refined with many users, according to Franz Och, Google’s head of translation services. ”

Read full article.

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What do your mobile phone habits say about you?

Mobile phone reciprocity.png

Spotted on MIT Technology Review, a study of reciprocity between mobile phone users reveals surprising insights about the flow of information in society.

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Bar Codes Ride Again – on Mobile Phones

An interesting article in Business Week on the many ways bar codes are are being used for cell-phone users to view ads, coupons, and other information instantly.

“The Weather Channel is using bar codes to deliver maps, forecasts, and severe weather alerts. Universal Pictures is using mobile bar codes to promote its coming thriller Repo Men. Later this month, a Hearst magazine will use the technology to provide additional information to readers. And mobile bar code technology in various forms has recently been used by search engine owner Google, Web portal Yahoo!, sportswear maker Nike, and packaged foods maker Frito-Lay.”

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Google Liquid Galaxy

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