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Rumor: Digg founder claims 3G iPhone to do video chat

Digg founder Kevin Rose, whose first-generation iPhone rumors fell short of their mark last Spring, is citing different sources this year in predicting that the 3G version of the handset will boast video chat capabilities.
[via Apple Insider]

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RFID LadyBag Tells You What’s Missing


Project Lady Bag uses RFID tags to keep a track of the items you stuff into your bag. Should you miss out on your elusive keys; a related icon will appear on the LED screen.

The LadyBag also displays how you are feeling, fidgety hands is read as nervousness and so a nervous looking emoticon appears. If you’re hugging the bag close, a happy face appears.

[gearfuse via Gizmodiva]

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MIDP3.0, overview of a right Android rival

Absolutely amazing, the new MIDP3.0 will bring us powerful and cool features for future mobile software. The new java platform will be released next Q2 2008, some months before Android.

Most remarkable MIDP3.0 enhancements are animated GIF, support for multiple orientations (landscape / portrait), scale / rotation of the images…

Especially there are a some features that will make a difference in the user experience:

Code shared between MIDlets. As studio or company, all your games or applications have common parts (key management, 3D engine, text management…), from MIDP3.0 these parts of code will remain common and outside your developments, don’t worry about these common features. All your games or applications will reuse it in a shared and secure environment inside the phone

MIDP3.0 phones will be able to launch a MIDlet once the phone is initialised.
This feature will let to a concrete brand to distribute (free or not) a mobile handset that launches an on line shop offering the last products.
I can imagine a gameloft phone that once is turned on displays its own menu plenty of new updated demo games ready to play, your fave games, buttons for call, messaging… Funny !
2009 – 2010 is going to be years for handset personalisation, brands will have the needed tools to offer consumers its own custom phones.

IMC (Inter MIDLet communication)
Launch a MIDlet from another MIDlet, ok that’s cool. If one MIDlet can launch another I can create a game that launches other games, or one game that launches different levels and one level is a completely different java development.

Download configuration files stored in the phone and shared by your MIDlets.
What remains the same across games and applications ? The player or user.
Player and user profile information (photo, alias …) is stored in servers. This feature will let to download and share this information for all the games or applications from a concrete publisher.

2008 will bring us Android and MIDP3.0, it is gonna be a mobile revolution and we are going to see spectacular mobile software.


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Hands on with the BBC iPlayer – on the iPhone

iplayer-1.gifThe BBCiPlayer is now available as a beta for the iPhone and iPod touch. Streaming only, reports Tech.co.uk.

“We’re not using the new Apple SDK, nor are we using the much-rumoured Flash for iPhone (no – we haven’t seen it, either). Instead, we’re creating 516Kbps streams (400Kbps H.264 video, 116Kbps AAC audio) that show off BBC programmes brilliantly on an iPhone,” says Anthony Rose, head of Digital Media Technologies at the BBC in a blog post about the launch.”

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Live from your mobile. The next big thing?

markzuckerbergscoble.gif What would happen if everyone, anywhere, could have their own live television station from a mobile phone? The BBC has an idea.

“A number of services including Qik and Flixwagon, are competing to make “live” the next big thing in web video, and YouTube is poised to introduce its own live service.

… Eran Hess, the chief executive of Flixwagon, has made a deal with MTV which has seen the station give phones with Flixwagon software installed to what it calls “Street Journalists” to cover the primaries in the United States.

Their clips are shown live on the web – whether it’s an Obama victory speech or vox pops with New York voters – and some make it onto MTV itself.

Eran Hess also revealed that he had just done a deal with an Israeli news channel which will supply similar phones to citizens in the towns of Sderot and Ashkelon where rockets fired from Gaza have been landing.

So a phone and a piece of software – and a 3g network – are you all need now to start putting your message across to a live audience. It promises to give new vigour to the whole idea of citizen journalism, and poses a challenge to existing broadcasters.

Because of course these citizen journalists are not bound by any code of taste, decency, truth or impartiality, which could give their broadcasts a dangerous, edgy quality which might appeal more to viewers than the professional version of television news.

Welcome to a future where everything may be televised – live. I’m not entirely sure I like the idea.”

On Qik you can watch and listen to Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, filmed by Robert Scoble for Fast Company.


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Texting Injured 6 Million Brits in 2007

mobile technology

Nothing is more embarrassing than having a “walk and text” injury or wounds caused by too much texting or use of mobile phones. According to Daily Star, about six million Brits were injured in 2007 because they were so engrossed with their mobile devices that they became blind to objects around them.

And it gets worse. Injuries range from a simple broken nose to fractured skulls. Conducted by phone directory service 118118 among 1,055 people, the study reveals that one in 10 Brits stumbled into usually harmless objects on the streets such as bollards, lampposts, trash bins and other distractions.

While the simplest solution is to keep your eyes on the road, there are now plans to set up “mobile lanes” or the so-called cycle lane for text addicts. Even 118118 plans to attach pads to lampposts to avoid these hysterically upsetting blunders.

Geez, I wonder how many Americans have suffered these “walk and text” injuries last year.

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‘Apple weert concurrenten van iPhone’

AMSTERDAM – Apple heeft weliswaar software gepresenteerd waarmee programmeurs van buiten het bedrijf toepassingen voor de hippe telefoon kunnen ontwikkelen, maar de gebruiksvoorwaarden zijn zo strikt dat voorname concurrenten worden buitengesloten.


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Sun brengt Java naar de iPhone

AMSTERDAM – Softwarebedrijf Sun gaat een aangepaste versie maken van zijn Java-platform, die geschikt is voor gebruik op de iPhone en de iPod Touch.

Dat zegt Sun-topman Eric Klein tegenover Infoworld. De stap moet er voor zorgen dat applicaties voor Java op de iPhone en de iPod beschikbaar komen.

Apple zelf weigerde tot dusverre op Java op de gadgets mee te leveren. Volgens het bedrijf wordt de hippe telefoon te traag van het platform. if (typeof(et_ord)==’undefined’) et_ord=Math.floor(Math.random()*10000000000000000); if (typeof(et_tile)==’undefined’) et_tile=1; document.write(”);


Afgelopen week presenteerde Apple echter software waarmee externe programmeurs applicaties voor de iPhone en de iPod Touch kunnen ontwikkelen. Volgens Sun kan die zogenoemde Software Development Kit (SDK) ook gebruikt worden om Java naar Apples toestellen te brengen.


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LinkedIn Goes Mobile Including Very Nice iPhone Version

LinkedIn announced on their blog that their social media professional portal has now gone mobile.

linkedin iphone

LinkedIn Mobile is in beta and available on any web enabled wireless phone that uses WAP… which most of them do.

The beta product includes a version specially optimized for the iPhone and is available immediately in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese with additional languages to follow.

Mobile users simply go to http://m.linkedin.com from your mobile device.

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Looking for Jaiku Invites – There’s a Site Just For You

Jaiku announced today that they have launched a very cool spot for potential users seeking invites as well as existing users looking to share available invites that they have. JaikuInvites

If you recall, sometime around the Google/Jaiku marriage the social media site became somewhat of an ‘invitation only’ environment. Gotta love the exclusivity of a secret society!!

jaiku invites

Jaiku Invites is the place to come for all the latest news on Jaiku as well as the best place to share those precious invites!

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