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Here’s the way the world works (and it must be right because it’s been like this for hundreds of years…)

People who have spare money give it to a bank. Banks then do whatever
they like with it. Some of it they lend to people who need to borrow.
Some of it they give to their shareholders. Some of it they gamble on
the price of tin, or the dollar going down, or whether there’ll be
floods in Asia. Banks make lots of money from all this, a fraction of
which they give back to their customers.

Zopa though lets people who have spare money to lend
it directly to people, like them, who want to borrow it. No bank in the
middle, no huge overheads, no unethical investments.

To minimise any risk, the money each lender puts in
is spread amongst at least 50 borrowers (and likewise each borrower
gets their money from a number of different lenders).

Zopa is, therefore, for people who want to be a part
of something new. Who want to join a community of like-minded
individuals and lend to them and borrow from them in a trusting but
secure way.

Zopa is for people who are looking for a better rate of
return. Zopa’s interest rates aren’t squeezed by middlemen
(the banks) because there are no middlemen – that’s the Zopa

Zopa is for creditworthy people who earn money in new ways, in ways
that banks don’t always recognise. People who are self employed, people
who have peaks and troughs to their income, people who would be
invisible to a bank’s credit rating system but are seen and validated
by Zopa’s.



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Jaiku: The social phone book

Jaiku is a phone book that displays the real-time presence and location of your contacts.

Let’s start a revolution! Check the latest buzz on the Jaikido blog.


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Catholic Mobile

The Vatican and the Catholic church have in been on the front edge of new technologies since the very beginning of the Internet and wireless messaging. Now a new Website, Catholic Mobile, is a new and comprehensive offer to provide families and individuals with inspiring Catholic content in English and Spanish

Catholic Mobile users can receive messages by subscribing or selecting from a range of services anytime, anywhere, from their cell phones, PDA’s or smart phones. Using a text messaging service, daily prayers, the saint of the day, or daily scripture readings will be sent directly to the individual’s cell phone or mobile device.

Users will also be able to personalize their phones by downloading Catholic wallpapers and ringtones.

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Big Eye Arney streams CCTV pictures direct to your mobile

“Big Eye Arney” (Babelfish translation) is a home security CCTV-like camera that streams images to your mobile phone upon request.

Simply dial Big Eye Arney’s phone number, and whatever’s in the camera’s field of visions is instantly streamed to your 3G phone. [via Mobile Mentalism]


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My Beating Heart

My Beating Heart is a soft huggable heart with a soothing heartbeat you can really feel. When hugging the heart, the tactile heartbeat reminds you of holding a pet or a loved-one.
Hold the heart a moment and you’ll begin to sense your own heartbeat
slowly syncing with My Beating Heart’s carefully designed rhythm. My
Beating Heart is designed to help you relax, daydream, meditate, and nap.


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Audiophones for Books

Audiophones for Books

ill_book_phone.gif BOKiLUR is Swedish for book on phone. And the company offers exactly that: audiobooks for cellphones. Springwise reports.

“To get started, customers download and install a piece of Java-based software, that’s compatible with over 40 phones (both 3G and GPRS). They can then use the software’s interface to browse available titles, and listen to two minutes of each book for free, before deciding to download.

… Payment is processed through the user’s normal phone bill. Available titles include popular fiction, literature, children’s books, business titles and language courses.”

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The Language Phone

The Language Phone

languagelinephone_small.jpg The Language Line Phonewith dual handsets, offers subscribers a toll-free number to get an interpreter on the phone in seconds, to help you speak with your non-English customer live. [via The Red Ferret].

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silent light phone sensor

silent light phone sensor

phonelightsensor.jpg Why does the phone always ring during naptime?

Now you can turn off the ringer when baby’s asleep — without missing a single call! Connect Silent Light Phone Sensor to your telephone, and you’ll see it flash when someone is calling. Four-sided LED light is hard to miss. [via SwissMiss]

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rf id mon amour 1.0

Rf id mon amour 1.0
is a kit that allows designers, artists and architects to create
interactive exhibitions without fuss nor any knowledge of programming
or electronics.


The tagged can be attached to any object in need of a digital
identity. With the kit, you can “map” each rfid tag to a QuickTime
video just by placing them on the reader and selecting a file. To
associate a file with an object, place the object on the reader and
tell the software which file (audio, web page, Flash animation or
video) should be triggered.

The kit comes with an USB based RFID player, Mac OS X compatible software, 10 RFID tags and some sample videos.

Developed by Interaction lab. Images.

Via reluct


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Smart Fitting Room Gives Fashion Advice

Underhill wrote in his “Why We Buy?” that dressing rooms are probably
the most important part of a store because that’s where most decisions
are made, and yet most rooms do nothing to encourage a purchase — they
are dark, small and uncomfortable.

Now check this out. Hong Kong researchers developed a smart fitting room (full name:

intelligent Simulator for Cross-selling & Up-selling using Smart
Fitting Room & Smart Dressing Mirror”) that uses RFID tags to
identify the goods in front of the mirror and delivers recommendations through a touch-screen LCD monitor. (You can also display content directly on mirrors). Context advertising is not limited to online space.


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