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emoto emotional messages


enhancements of mobile phone text messages to convey emotionalexpressivity through ‘cues of familarity’. the application extends onboth the input & output channels when sending text messages betweenmobile phones. users use affective gestures to convey the emotionalcontent of their messages which are then translated & communicatedin colors, shapes & animations. the graphical expressions arenon-symbolic & constructed from what is known about the effects ofcolors, shapes & animations. [sics.se]


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blinkenlights 2.0


the truly impressive blinkenlightsseems to be finally running again for the next 2 weeks at the AlexanderPlatz in Berlin. blinkenlights is basically a huge 18 x 8 pixelsmonochrome screen based on computer-controlled lights that are placedbehind each of the windows of a small skyscraper. users can createtheir own animations to be displayed, play Tetris, Pong or Pac Managainst each other in real time via their mobile phone (call0190-987654) or install a small software program to play via theircomputer instead.

don’t forget to watch the documentary movie to truly appreciate its effects. see also enteractive & internet facade. [blinkenlights.de|via geekheim.de & we-make-money-not-art.com]

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semapedia physical wiki entries


the process of physically ‘tagging’ real-world objects with semacodes, sothat users with mobile phone cameras can automatically retrieverelevant wikipedia articles on their device. see also qr code & grafedia. [semapedia.org]

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trace map interface


an interactive mobile prototype which examines the layering of physicalspace with the on & off zones of wireless networks. ‘trace’ mapsthe invisible quality of wireless technology in the urban landscapeonto PDAs to produce a series of cartographies visualising nodes,zones, users, and routes. [tracemap.net| via prusikloop.org]

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graphic language for touch


a collection of specifically designed icons that identify objects thathave digital function, information or history beyond their physicalform. this project explores the visual link between information &physical things, specifically around the emerging use of the mobilephone to interact with RFID or NFC. the inspiration is based onexisting iconography for interactions with objects, such as pushbuttons on pedestrian crossings, contactless cards, existing signage& instructional diagrams.

see also comparitative icon collection & visual id icons & document icons.

[links: elasticspace.com & elasticspace.com (pdf)]

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smoke signals communication


a hybrid visualization system that explores the dynamic & spatialqualities of smoke & light in relation to contemporary mobile SMSmessaging technologies. a real-time smoke & light setup wasdeveloped to create a typographic ambient communication environment.local & remote (online) participants are invited to communicatewith the project by sending SMS messages to 1 of 2 smoke signalslocated at the event, which are then visualized via the responsivenature of “ephemeral memory clouds”
see also data smoke & infernoptix pyrotechnic matrix.
[minimaforms.com & flickr.com|thnkx Stephen]

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matrixx 3d display


the world’s largest 3D-display, measuring 8 metres in width, 4 metresin height & 2 metres in depth, consisting of a matrix of 8.000 LEDswith table tennis balls around them. its dynamic applications include3D snake, 3D pong, 3D duckhunt & a SMS (text messaging) display.
see also 3d display cube.
[tudelft.nl|also interactivearchitecture.org]

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not so white walls


human-scale,interactive wallpaper, with the capability to change the patterns &content on walls. resistors placed behind the paper surface make thecolor of the paper change, giving the possibility to show continuouslychanging content. first prototypes display low-resolution images &texts or use the walls as barometers that change color according to thelevel of humidity in the atmosphere. [interaction-design.it]

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memory wall


an interactive wall (in a brand new hotel) that picks up the colors ofclothes & movements, & then projects an according distortedimage on a panel of light dots. a ‘flock wallpaper’ made of fibre optic& flexible polymers, creates light patterns that travel along thewalls & shadow guests to their room. each single floor (containing28 rooms, 2 suites, plus corridor & landing) in this Hotel PuertaAmérica (Spain) has been designed by different famous designer. seealso biowall & LED floor & 4D pixel & not so white walls & lightspace. [jasonbruges.com & guardian.co.uk|via we-make-money-not-art.com]

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interactivephysical floors & surfaces, which consist of 16”x16” programmableLED-lit & pressure sensitive tiles. each tile contains sixteen4”x4” pixels that can display any color or pattern. the surfaces areable to detect location, movement & density of people. see theironline dance club videos to experience the ‘coolness factor’. [lightspace.biz|via pixelsumo.com]

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