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The Future of Data Overload as Envisioned for 2020


Global innovation firm Frog Design recently brought designers, futurists and journalists together to envision the future of computing in 2020. In 2020, the computer is not only incorporated into every aspect of our lives, but should become an integral part of ourselves. With this in mind, the workshop aimed to imagine how future technology would influence the key areas of Social, Travel, Commerce, Healthcare, and Media.

In the “Bodynet” concept scenario, future technologies will monitor our body’s vital conditions and compute the outcome of our actions on-the-fly. So this technology allows you to enjoy that McDonalds meal even more, being assured by a floating data dashboard how it will shorten your estimated lifespan with several weeks.

The “Whuffie Meter” merges your physical presence with that of your online social identity. Socializing will take on completely new dimensions when people can see everything public about a person on semi-transparent infographic displays floating over their heads, right as they are talking with them. Question of allowing people to map your faked personal ad information to your person straight away.

“ThingBook” exploits the concept of “Internet of Things” to allow people to go shopping practically everywhere and at any time. Do you like that new car you saw drive by? Just call up the floating interface and press “buy”. Want to really know how old that shirt is of your work colleague? Discover and humiliate him right there and then.

More information at Pattern Language blog and Forbes.

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