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40 Augmented Reality Projects Sure To Blow Your Mind … Or Just Blow


Before every great leap in technology and entertainment, there are baby steps, and right now, Augmented Reality (AR) can barely manage a crawl. Remember though, to arrive at Halo there had to be Q*bert. The Internet needed AOL for a while. Baby steps? What we’re seeing today from Augmented Reality is the stuff of embryonics. But it will get better, and perhaps sooner than you think.

What exactly is Augmented Reality? According to Jeff Crouse of the Eyebeam Art and Technology Center, “AR is where you have a special symbol on a physical object that a computer can recognize. So when a camera looks at that object, you can superimpose other things in 3D space around that symbol.”

Or to put it another way, Augmented Reality lets you see things that aren’t really there, but only through a lens (currently your webcam or mobile phone).

It’s hard to describe to people – one of those ‘you gotta see it’ things. But make no mistake, whatever the ‘thing’ is, it’s coming, and it’s going to create an entertainment and marketing tsunami that will make the Internet look like a pond ripple. The key shift will likely occur when the lens becomes wearable. Invisible even. Contacts or glasses that look just like the ones you wear now, allowing you to cross into a 3D interactive world seamlessly transposed onto your reality. To quote Keanu Reeves: “… Whoa.”

We could go on forever about ‘How Augmented Reality Will Work’ in the future, but that’s not why we’re gathered here today. We want to look at current Augmented Reality offerings, see which ones might have value as storytelling tools and, at the very least, distinguish the impressive from the forgettable.


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2 Responses

  1. Patrick says:

    Thanks for posting/ sharing.


  2. Patrick says:

    I know that the Tracing video was quite low tech, but I thought it was probably the most useful, next to maybe the AKQA app.

    Liked the book too, even though its really just QR, not AR. But, I will keep this link, and check out your site in the future.

    Best. pd

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