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MoSoSo Experts Panel: MOKO, Twitter, JuiceCaster – Podcast

MoSoSo Experts Panel: MOKO, Twitter, JuiceCaster – Podcast


Mobile Social Networking is a hot topic for 2007. Perhaps, it is the hot topic for 2007. Witnessing the success of MySpace, Facebook, and Bebo on the web along with increasingly robust handsets has inspired the whole of the mobile ecosystem to get social. Operators like US MVNO Helio have place social networking at the very center of their entire service through an exclusive arrangement with MySpace. Nokia has announced a soon to be released handset based social networking tool, and of course, Twitter has made news through rapid adoption, inspiring competitors Jaiku and Pownce and receipt of their first VC round.

And then their are those who been pushing white label solutions for brands and platforms for mobile operators.

The program features 3 MoSoSo experts who employ different mobile technologies including SMS, Java clients, WAP and even web assisted social networking to enable connections and sharing among mobile subscribers. Is text enough? Can a mobile only solution be successful? Listen to and learn from the thoughts and experience of Nick Desai, CEO of JuiceWireless, Biz Stone, co-founder and creative director, Twitter, Inc., and Paul Gruber, head of business development and marketing at Loop Mobile.

Nick Desai is the co-founder and chairman of the board of Juice Wireless. He co-invented Juice’s flagship, award-winning mobile social media product — JuiceCaster. Prior to Juice Wireless, Nick co-founded a market leader in IP based cellular infrastructure solutions. Prior to Lemko, in 1998, Nick was Founder and CEO of Zkey.com – a multi-award winning market leader and early trailblazer in consumer mobile applications. Zkey was the first mobile address book and email WAP site available in the US, launching in 1999.

Biz Stone is the co-founder and creative director at Twitter, Inc. Biz also helped make Xanga, Blogger, Odeo, and Obvious. Biz sometimes writes books about what people are doing on the Internet.

Paul Gruber is the head of business development and marketing at Loop Mobile, Ltd. Paul is responsible for the global expansion of Loop’s mobile social network, MOKO, and Loop’s mobile social networking partnerships with global brands which include Big Brother, Australian Idol and ITV. Previous to Loop, Paul was Head of Social Media for 3 mobile.

The podcast is a bit longer than I’d hoped, but with 3 dynamic speakers it’s easy to use time. Leave a comment if you’d like to receive the podcast in as a two part episode, and given enough requests, I’ll split it into two files for you.


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