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Throwable game-controllers patented

A Californian inventor has patented a new breed of throwable games controllers.

Each “tossable peripheral” resembles a normal throwable object(whatever this might mean!), like a beach ball, a football or aFrisbee. But they also connect via WiFi to a games console and containan accelerometer capable of detecting speed and impact, an altimeter, atimer and a GPS receiver.

The console can then orchestrate a game of catch, awardingpoints for a good catch or deducting them if the peripheral is droppedhard on the ground. Or perhaps the challenge could be to throw theobject furthest, highest or fastest, with the connected computerkeeping track of different competitors’ scores. The peripheral can alsoemit a bleeps when it has been still for too long, to help the ownerlocate it in the long grass.

Via new scientist.

0frichhitu.jpg 0frichiutoi.jpg

Maybe the guy should get in touch with Haiyan Zhang who designed the Control Freaksaccessories that attach to any object or living thing. They can sensethe movement and sound of their host and connect that feedback to alocal gaming platform, translating the manipulation of the host intogame play commands on the connected game platform.



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