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blinkenlights 2.0


the truly impressive blinkenlightsseems to be finally running again for the next 2 weeks at the AlexanderPlatz in Berlin. blinkenlights is basically a huge 18 x 8 pixelsmonochrome screen based on computer-controlled lights that are placedbehind each of the windows of a small skyscraper. users can createtheir own animations to be displayed, play Tetris, Pong or Pac Managainst each other in real time via their mobile phone (call0190-987654) or install a small software program to play via theircomputer instead.

don’t forget to watch the documentary movie to truly appreciate its effects. see also enteractive & internet facade. [blinkenlights.de|via geekheim.de & we-make-money-not-art.com]


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  1. Tim Pritlove says:

    You misunderstood the information. Blinkenlights was running last year for the very last time and won’t come back to Haus des Lehrers as it is an office building now. This doesn’t mean the project is dead. It’s not.

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