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Nokia Releases Mobile Web Server

Nokia’s open source Mobile Web Serversoftware turns your Symbian phone into an Apache server. (They shouldhave called it the Pocket Web Server.) Browsers reach your phone viathe internet through a gateway component, which routes traffic to thewireless service. It makes the phone in your pocketinternet-addressable, provided you have a data plan on your phone.

Howwould you use this? Personal publishing and file-sharing come to mind,e.g. offering photos and recordings of the event you’re attending to anaudience of friends. Everything you capture is immediately accessibleto them, without a separate step to post it.

This is prettycool, but it’s not what I mean by the always-on-you web. The reason tocarry a web server, or more importantly a web application server, is toenable productivity and team apps with a web UI. That is, a UI whereinterlinked pages, with hypermedia content, are the focus, instead offiles/folders, applications, and a stack of windows. A web UI alsoallows you multiple local screens, each of which may view differentpages in your webs/wikis. Users would naturally want to share somepages; those would be sync’d peer-to-peer, whenever net connectivity isavailable.

The portable web app server gives you a framework foronline web apps like Writely and Basecamp, without driving your dataonto the grounds of a third party, nor forcing you online whenever youneed to edit. (That’s key; most knowledge workers can’t simply sign upat an online app service and start posting company data to it; you haveto get approval from IT mgmt. That’s not just a pain, it isn’t verygosh-darn likely!) This personal web service could run on a wi-fismartphone, an Origami slate, or from a flash drive on any available PC.



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