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Prototype Nokia 3220 NFC RFID phone could reshape society

new Nokia phone, the Nokia 3220 NFC RFID phone-front

Details of a new Nokia phone have emerged with built-in read/write
RFID capability. The prototype Nokia 3220 NFC contains an RFID reader
and writer on the base of the mobile phone.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a kind of super-barcode for the 21st century. An RFID tag
is a tiny object that can be attached to anything, and which contains
information that can be read by an RFID reader. Unlike a barcode,
however, the information encoded into the tag can also be written to.
The new Nokia 3220 enables the user to do just that: both read the
information contained within an RFID tag, and write to it too.

Although based on an old Nokia 3220, the Nokia 3220 NFC is a completely
new prototype. With its RFID enhancement, the RFID phone can interact
with the world around us in bizarre new ways. Informative beer bottles?
Informational trash cans? Virtual graffiti? Read on to see how the new Nokia 3220 NFC RFID phone will reshape society as you know it.



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2 Responses

  1. Bill says:

    Hi!. 🙂
    I’m thinking about dropping TracFone and going with T-Mobile. I’m
    looking at a Nokia 3230 for my Grandpa. My only problem is that my
    Grandpa is a little hard of hearing and can’t hear some of the ring
    tones that are on some cell phones. He had a Nokia 5180ip and couldn’t
    hear it half the time.

    I got him a Nokia 1100, it was a little better but not much. I then
    got him a Nokia 2600 and there was one ringtone on it that was pretty
    good for him and he could hear it pretty well. Forget the vibrate
    function. They all suck equally in all cell phones.

    Does anybody know if the Nokia 3230 is as loud as the Nokia 2600? Or
    can the ring tone be put through the speakerphone on the Nokia 3230 to
    be really loud like the Nextel junk?

    I need something really loud for him. The 3230 has all the bells and
    whistles he wants. He’s not really old, just can’t hear crap.

    He’s pretty well set on the 3230
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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